The anime world is full of incredible and memorable fights. In Naruto and Dragon Ball, it could not be different. So much so that the two main characters are among the darlings of the crowd (for years). Both have good stories and incredible fighting skills, basically unbeatable in their respective universes. The two have come a long way until they get to where they are. Precisely for this reason, they are so captivating.

How are two characters so powerful, it is natural to ask who would win a fight: Naruto or Goku? If you soon replied that the Saiyan would undoubtedly be victorious, watch out! We have gathered evidence that the current Leaf Village Hokage may well put Goku on the run. Still doubt? Then check and understand how:

8- Naruto controls the elements

It can be very difficult to fight an opponent with all the elements on your side. After all, if you can turn your battlefield into a weapon, that can be an incredible advantage. And that’s what Naruto can do. We know that current Hokage specializes in air control. But besides that, he can also use lightning, earth, fire and even lava – thanks to the powers of the Bijuus conferred on him. This makes him almost a master in all the transformations of nature. We believe this ability would greatly help you in a battle against Goku. As long as he knew how to use it.

7. Would Goku be a match for the Nine-Tailed Fox?

Kurama could easily do some damage to Goku. The Tailed Beasts are some of the most powerful creatures in the Naruto universe. With their incredible ability to use large amounts of chakras, they are formidable, almost unbeatable. But that is not her only strength.

One fact about Bijuus is that they don’t reason, they just fight. It is known that the focus of the Tailed Beasts is not intelligence because they would not be able to use their full force. This makes them random fighters and, as they exert a lot of energy, can be lethal and dangerous to anyone in their path. And Naruto, well … He has the strongest Beast inside him.

6- Genki Dama doesn’t hit good people

One of Goku’s most powerful attacks is his Genki Dama – a sphere of power made with the good energies of various creatures, sent freely and spontaneously. This pure energy ball can eliminate almost anything. But not Naruto. A fact about Genki Dama is that it can only be used on bad-hearted opponents. Naruto may have a Tailed Beast inside him, but he’s a good person. This means that he is immune to one of Goku’s strongest moves. This is one of the biggest advantages Naruto can have in a fight against Saiyan. As for Kamehameha … well, the next item explains how Naruto could have some advantage in this regard as well.

5. Do you want an army, Goku?

One of the first jutsus we see in Naruto is the Shadow Clones. They are probably the most useful weapon of today’s Hokage – after all, he would never have gotten to where he had gone without the ability. And a strong point is that the clones Naruto makes do not take much of his chakra and are almost as powerful as the original. This means that the Hokage can make an entire army come out of itself to defeat the opponent. It may not be the most powerful technique in the world, but it will certainly do a lot of work for the saiyajin, who is not very smart there, and can easily be fooled by ninja tactics.

4- Cure power

In a battle, having a chance to recover from your injuries is a formidable advantage. Undoubtedly, there are many ways in which Goku can severely injure Naruto. However, the ninja is known to have the ability to heal quickly, thanks to the Kurama chakra. As long as he can keep well enough to heal, we’re sure Goku would have a hard time hurting him to the point that he couldn’t fight anymore.

3- Invocation

In addition to the power of the Nine-Tailed Beast, Naruto still has the ability to summon other combatants into the fight. So you could use your skills to call the help of your frog friends. These animals have incredible powers and a lot of fighting experience, which make them very powerful companions in a battle. Defeating Naruto alone already seems like a pretty heavy task, now imagine if he also summon the frogs all? The combat level goes up a lot.

2- Your senses are very good

To be a Shinobi, aspiring ninja undergo intense training to sharpen the senses and elevate their observational techniques. We know that, at first, Naruto was quite inattentive to the world or its opponents. But now, like Hokage, his readability in a fight is relentless. Goku may have a range of powers thanks to Saiyan blood, but Naruto may have a chance if his senses are high enough to continue the battle without injury. For this, he would have to be able to feel every movement of his opponent. Which can be a little difficult, but not impossible.

1- Sage of 6 paths Mode

Part of Naruto’s ability to use multiple natural forces come it also be able to use one of the most powerful ways: the Sage of 6 paths mode. This kind of power is extremely useful and powerful, but it also has some disadvantages, such as the need to increase the power to use it, which means that the Hokage may be vulnerable for a while. Even if it is a move used as a last resort, it would certainly be one of the biggest advantages over Goku. It’s one of Naruto’s most powerful transformations, and he couldn’t help using it. It would definitely be quite a challenge for Saiyan!

Tell us who you think would win this fight!

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