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Academy Student: A ninja in training, learning the roles as ninja and basic skills, such as problem solving, reading and basic jutsus.

Akatsuki: Meaning "Dawn," or "Daybreak" is a criminal organization, whose role in the series is to capture the jinch riki (tailed beasts inside great ninjas). It is extremely influential due to its elite membership. The admission criteria are exceptional fighting ability and deadly ruthlessness. In order to join the Akatsuki one must prove himself to be a strong fighter, but also to sever his previous connection to his past relations. We see Uchiha Itachi's slaughtering of his clan to become a member of this group. Akatsuki's members wear special rings and village headbands with a strike line across the village symbol on the plate.

ANBU: "Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai", meaning "Assassination Tactics Special Squad". (Dark side "or" Black Ops ") It is a force of extremely talented shinobi of Chunin rank or higher who are chosen for assassinations, for village protection from exceptional threats, for conducting high-risk missions into enemy countries, and for dealing with extremely strong (S-Rank) ninja. They wear animal masks to distinguish themselves from normal shinobi, as well as to conceal their identities. few swords. The ANBU is an organization that is under the direct command of the Kage. Hatake Kakashi was a former member and Uchiha Itachi became an ANBU captain at age 13. Morino Ibiki, the proctor of the first Chunin exam, is the head of the Konoha ANBU Torture and Interrogation Force.

Chakra: Physical and spiritual energies combined to perform ninja techniques.

Chuunin: Chuunin is the middle class of ninja. While expected to have combat skills worthy of their station, what sets them apart from Genin is their demonstration of leadership skills. Every six months, an exam is held to determine who among the participating Genin are worthy of the rank Chuunin. Many ninja will never advance from this rank, as it takes great combat skill to become a Jounin. The teachers at the ninja academy are generally Chuunin.

Exploding Note: A scroll which explodes after a few seconds and bursts into flames.

Forehead Protector: Identifies the ninja, it shows where he comes from proves that the person has graduated from the academy.

Genin: ("Junior Ninja") The first rank of ninja, who are still grasping the basis of shinobi work, manual labor, Do D and C missions, body guarding someone from thugs and mafia. Naruto Uzumaki is still a Genin, although a very talented one.

GenJutsu: Genjutsu ("Illusion Techniques") are techniques that use the chakra in the victim's nervous system to create illusions; an advanced intellectual Ninjutsu. Genjutsu techniques are notably easier to execute and counter for users of high intelligence, like Nara Shikamaru, good chakra controllers like Haruno Sakura, and Sharingan users like Uchiha Sasuke. The most commonly seen Genjutsu is simple creation of phantasms that cause the targeted person to hear, see, smell, taste and feel things that are not actually there in order to manipulate them; other applications of Genjutsu are rare.

Hand Seal: Ninja's hand gestures indicating a technique and chakra used.

Hokage: The most powerful shinobi in Konoha. Translates literally to "Fire Shadow". Naruto is chasing to become "Hokage" one day. New Hokage, after being appointed by council, gets Hokage mansion and his face carved into the stone wall.

Konoha village was founded by First Hokage Hashirama Senju. His yonger brother Tobirama Senju became the Second Hokage. Their student Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Third Hokage. He was also a teacher of Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. Jiraiya's student Konoha's Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze later became the Fourth Hokage.

Tsunade is the Fifth Hokage replaced by Danzo Shimura after falling in coma during Pain's invasion. He serves as a Candidate Sixth Hokage. Another candidate for Sixth Hokage is Kakashi Hatake.

Hoshikage: ("Star Shadow") The leader of the Hidden Star Village, or Hoshigakure. Last one, Akahoshi, after becoming the Fourth Hoshikage by killing the Third one, was brought to justice by Naruto Uzumaki.

Jinchuriki: A person who has a bijuu or demon sealed inside of him / her. In translation it means "Power of Human Sacrifice". This ninja can become greater than the tailed beast inside him. Killer Bee is an example of one such ninja. Unlike some Jinchuriki, Killer Bee has complete control over his tailed beast and can maintain utter consciousness and control even after a full transformation.

Jounin: The highest class of ninja. While those ninjas in ANBU are considered elite, it does not guarantee their superior over non-ANBU Jounin. Jounin usually receive only A or S rank missions and are generally leaders on these if they do not go solo. Respectable Jounin are entrusted with the responsibility of training new Genin. Jounin can be expected to have spectacular techniques. Seeing Jounin battle is a rare treat.

Jutsu: A technique or skill that requires the use of chakra. Utilizing both hand seals and chakra great ninja can battle his opponent. There are many different Justus like Ninjutsu, Taijustu or Genjustu.

Kawarimi: An illusionary change of body technique.

Kazekage: (meaning "Wind Shadow") is a ruler of The Hidden Sand Village (Sunagakure), Wind Country. It is considered cursed, because great Shinobi often get assassinated.

Kikai Bugs: Chakra-eating beetle-like insects that the Aburame clan use to battle for them by allowing them to live inside their bodies, feeding off of their chakra. They can also be used for reconnaissance, espionage and tracking. Most common use of these Kikai bugs is to ambush the opponent and drain him of his chakra. This leaves the enemy weak and unable to fight.

KinJutsu: Kind of Jutsus that are forbidden because they are very dangerous.

Kunai: A weapon used by ninjas that can be thrown or used as a dagger. It's often seen with attached exploding tag. Once this dagger lodges in an enemy, this tag explodes and destroys the target. Naruto is keeping his kunai in his sleeve.

Makibishi: ("Makibishi Spikes") are small spikes which can be thrown at the enemys feet in hopes for him to step on or delay him, also can be thrown directly at a foe. Itachi once used it combined with a smoke bomb and Kakashi used them against Zabuza.

Missing Ninja: A renegade ninja who leaves the village without proper authentication. Also known as "Missing-Nin".

Mizukage: ("Water Shadow") is a ruler of The Hidden Mist Village, Water Country currently Mei Terum. (Madara Uchiha was also Mizukage)

NinJutsu: This Jutsu utilizes chakra, and handseals to execute the attack. Unlike Genjutsu, which creates illusions, effects of Ninjutsu are very real.

Proctor: One who tests on a certain subject. For example, Kakashi Hatake proctored a "Survival Training Exam".

Raikage: Literally meaning "Lightning Shadow" is a ruler of The Hidden Cloud Village, Thunder Country, or Kumogakure. It is called Lightning Shadow, because ninja from this village specialize in lightning release techniques. Such techniques create lighting by vibrations of user's chakra.

Scroll: A roll made of parchment or papyrus which usually contains very secret documents and information.

Senjutsu: Sensing and gathering natural energy, Senjutsu practitioners can draw strength then mixing it with their own chakra to create a great Sage's chakra. In Sage mode one can greatly increase the strength of other justus. Jiraya is a prominent example of such powers. We notice "toad eyes" when Sage Mode is present as a sign of a true Sage. Naruto has been using it as well.

Sennin: Master

Shinobi: Another term for ninja.

Shuriken: any sort of throwing weapon, could be kunai or stars

Smoke Ball: Ninja tool. A small ball which involves the user to throw the ball at the enemy which creates a cloud of dust as it grows. It is used mostly in surprise attacks.

Soldier Pill: A drug (tranquilizer and stimulants mixed) that allows the user to fight for prolonged times with no rest. It had been invented by the Akimichi clan.

TaiJutsu: (meaning "Body Techniques") is a hand to hand combat that requires no chakra. It can be combined with Ninjutsu to create Nintaijutsu techniques and it can combine chakra as well. It's know for it's simplicity and speed. It does however, require a great deal of skill.

Throwing Needles: Small needles which can be lacerated with poison and thrown at the enemy. They are very hard to see and fast, which makes it a great choice for in assassinations.

Tsuchikage: Ruler of The Hidden Stone Village, Earth Country.


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